What Does a Photographer Do?

A professional photographer uses their camera to preserve memories and to capture unforgettable moments in people’s lives by shooting photographs of people, objects or places in different settings. Some photographers prefer the artificial, controlled light of a studio while others favor natural light for their subjects. As a result, their work ranges from portraits; event photography such as weddings and birthday celebrations; photojournalism; magazine covers and ads; and natural landscapes. While it is common for photographers to work on a freelance basis, many also work for large marketing departments or media outlets in which they are hired to shoot models for editorial spreads in magazines or for paid advertisements. Consequently, there are many different avenues for photographers which combine their artistic nature with their professional aspirations.

Training and Expertise

Although it isn’t necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in photography, it’s important for a photographer to have some technical expertise. Since there are no formal training requirements, professional photographers come from many different backgrounds. While many choose to learn by assisting a more established photographer, trade schools and colleges also have programs that prepare students for careers in commercial photography. In addition, some budding photographers learn by working in camera stores or portrait studios. Whether he takes courses at a local trade school or he pursues a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, a photographer must be familiar with different techniques, color theory, studio lighting, digital and film photography and even graphic design. In order to expand their skills and creative abilities, some photographers go on to complete a Master of Fine Arts in Photography. Essentially, a photographer needs some decent training in order to develop a good eye for his subjects whether they are landscapes, objects or people. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for a photographer with the right blend of technical skills and creativity.

Tools of the Trade

Photographers use different equipment depending on the area in which they specialize and the subject they are covering. Nowadays, most photographers work with digital cameras. Digital photography is not only high-quality, but it’s much easier to process and edit than film. While some photographers still work with film, the majority of advertisers, publishers and stock photo houses prefer the ease of digital photos. Professional photographers work with SLR (single lens reflex) cameras as opposed to the more common point and shoot digital camera. A digital SLR camera allows for better image quality, more control, and a choice of different lenses. Purchasing a good SLR camera, however, is only the beginning since there are many pieces of equipment a photographer needs to practice his trade. For example, most high-quality SLR cameras only come with a body, so lenses must be purchased separately. Furthermore, certain items such as a telephoto zoom lens can cost as much as the camera itself. Portrait photographers also need to invest in items like flashes to be able to adjust light in indoor settings and light meters to gauge the ambient light. Many photographers invest in other accessories such as tripods and reflectors to shoot their subjects from better angles or to capture the best possible light. After shooting the images, there's still lots of work to be done. A professional photographer needs to be able to view, edit, store and print the right photos. Although some clients may want to edit the pictures themselves, most expect a photographer to do the editing. While the process may be as simple as cropping some images, it may involve fixing lighting, removing objects, or even changing colors within the photos. Basically, this means having a relatively powerful computer and the right programs such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to organize and edit photos. In order to remain competitive, most photographers showcase their work through a digital portfolio, usually on their own website, which gives clients a feel for the kind of work they do. As a result, photographers usually maintain a studio or home office to edit or develop their digital or film photographs; it also helps to have a good printer. While it’s always possible to send photos to a professional lab for printing, it makes a difference to have a high-quality inkjet printer on hand for showing proofs to clients or to do your own printing.

Wedding Photography

One of the most popular fields, wedding and special events photography revolves around capturing some of the most memorable and consequential days in people’s lifetimes. For this reason, a wedding photographer must prepare for months or even a year prior to the wedding date to be successful. To ensure that their memories last, engaged couples need a photographer that can put them ease while not intruding upon the special moments that comprise their big day. Part of Bart Gorin's process involves getting to know his clients and their preferences well in advance, so that he can translate their vision into reality on the big day. From choosing the right locations to the best lighting to setting the mood, Bart takes care of the important details, so that the bride and groom’s personalities and emotions are on full display at the right time.

Product Photos

In addition to his wedding and events business, Bart Gorin also does product photography. For businesses who want to promote and sell their products online, Bart showcases items such as engagement rings with crisp, high-quality images that generate sales and add value to the product. Whether you are selling traditional diamond rings, emeralds or sapphires, Bart Gorin Photography will capture the best angle and the most flattering light to make your online inventory sparkle. In the competitive world of e-commerce, compelling product photos can make all the difference between a conversion and an abandoned shopping cart.  

Special Events and Celebrations

B'nai Mitzvah

Family generations come together to witness their child’s bar or bat mitzvah because it is such an important rite of passage in a young person’s life. Through his photos, Bart Gorin tells the story of the family and their child’s coming of age within the Jewish community. His expertise ensures that all the joy and the emotions of this day come together in images that the family will enjoy for many years.

Family Milestones

Bart Gorin also covers other important family celebrations such as engagements, anniversaries, and special birthdays. For the person celebrating a sweet sixteen party or their 80th birthday, their day is just as consequential as a couple announcing their engagement. Therefore, Bart Gorin takes candid photos to show how and why people came together to share this special moment with each other.

Corporate Events Photography

Bart Gorin also photographs corporate events for businesses who wish elevate their brand and to sell their products and services. His success derives from his ability to understand a company’s vision for their particular event and how it should align with its overall corporate image. Companies use corporate photography to record social events and to develop content for their marketing materials, internal newsletters and for publicity. As an integral part of their branding, Bart Gorin's photos help companies to promote a healthy corporate culture on social media. For this reason, Bart Gorin regularly flies around the country to photograph corporate gatherings. His years of experience enable him to deal with any size event with ease. Whether it is a teamwork building exercise, annual sales meeting, conference, or even a private concert, Bart Gorin can help any corporation to build their brand.  

Wedding, Mitzvah, and Event Photographer Serving New Jersey

For more than three decades, Millburn-based Bart Gorin has told the story of children, families, newlyweds and different organizations throughout Morris, Essex and Union Counties in northern New Jersey. After obtaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Art Education from the Pratt Institute in New York City, Bart indulged his passion for photography by specializing in events, studio photography and print production. Over the years, Bart has become well-known for bringing his brand of visual storytelling to the following towns and nearby areas: Summit, Short Hills, Maplewood, South Orange, North Caldwell, Livingston, Springfield, Madison and Morristown. For pictures that you will treasure for many years, contact Bart Gorin to photograph your wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, sweet 16, anniversary or corporate event.