Kelly Rob Wilshire Grand. West Orange NJ
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April 24, 2019
Oheb Shalom South Orange NJ 3
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June 14, 2019

Hannah’s Beach Club Bat Mitzvah

Hannah Temple Emanuel Westfield NJ 3

Hannah Temple Emanuel Westfield NJ 3

It rained all day on May 5th but the sun was shining indoors for Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah. The sun shone first at Temple Emanuel, Westfield, NJ where Hannah confidently led her guests through the service.

Studio 901, South Plainfield, NJ was transformed into Hannah’s Beach Club. It was sunny there as well, some members had to wear sunglasses and hats. Emcee, Trix wore a hat with a large brim as well. Hannah and her friends did not stop moving the whole time. There was a grand entrance, Motzi, candle lighting, Hora and great food of course.

Everyone enjoyed the sunny day without sun burns.