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January 20, 2019
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Haley’s Patterson Falls Havdalah

Haley before Havdalah Paterson Falls NJ

Haley before Havdalah Paterson Falls NJ

Haley is a very strong willed young lady with very definite opinions from Maplewood NJ. A run of the mill Bat Mitzvah at a Temple and catering hall were not in the cards. Haley’s Havdalah service was held outside in Paterson, NJ with the majestic falls as a backdrop.

The party was held at the Art Factory a few blocks from the Falls. The Art Factory is housed in a warehouse that used to be the home of The American Hemp Company. I know what you might be thinking but they just made rope. Exposed beams and pipes along with rustic furnishings give the place a  very unique feel. There was also Haley’s poster’s around the room displaying all the causes that she is involved in.

Of course there was a Hora, candle lighting and montage and lots of good food. Jason Zaplin of DJ Zap Music, Livingston, NJ gave this space the feeling and sound of a downtown club. Jason kept the crowd dancing to the very end.